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My Little Story Corner developed out of a complete obsession with and love of picture books!

Yes, I have an early childhood and primary teaching background, but since becoming a mum, I have completely immersed myself in the world of children’s literature. Now, I can’t get enough of reading them, reviewing them, getting behind the scenes with authors and illustrators, and occasionally even writing them myself!

My Little Story Corner aims to bring you lots of fun and educational activities, resources, reviews and book news, suitable for parents and teachers of children in the early years. Teaching resources are aligned with a range of curriculum areas, social values and life philosophies that emerge from books and their creators.

Each set of teaching notes found on the site provide informed and educated opinions on its merit for its intended audience and lessons in the areas of literacy, numeracy, science and technology and the arts. There are also many free downloads available for personal or classroom use, and links for making book purchases.

May you and your little ones find all the joy and love in reading and learning, just as much as I do!

Thanks for visiting! 😘 And feel free to email me with your questions or suggestions at mylittlestorycornerATgmailDOTcom.

xx Romi

For the Love of Books

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