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With school starting up for the year ahead, there may be many mixed feelings of trepidation, excitement and loneliness (and that’s just for the parents). We’ve already been through the first year of school experience (with my second starting next year), but even so, beginning afresh has its own set of rewards and challenges. From learning a whole new routine, meeting new friends, organising one’s belongings and time, and setting new goals. Here are some our favourite picture books for easing your little ones’ (and your own) feelings of anticipation, and for revelling in the joy, for the year ahead.

Leaving the Nest

My First Day of School, Rosie Smith (author), Bruce Whatley (illus.), Scholastic Australia, Jan 2016.

Be Brave, Pink Piglet!, Phil Cummings (author), Sarah Davis (illus.), Lothian Children’s Books, Sep 2015.

When I Grow Up, Andrew Daddo (author), Jonathan Bentley (illus.), ABC Books, Dec 2015.

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Get Reading for School, Kids!

Snail and Turtle are Friends, Stephen Michael King (author / illus.), Scholastic, May 2014.

Jessica’s Box (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Edition), Peter Carnavas (author / illus.), New Frontier Publishing, Oct 2014.

What’s in My Lunchbox?, Peter Carnavas (author), Kat Chadwick (illus.), New Frontier Publishing, Feb 2015.

Parachute, Danny Parker (author), Matt Ottley (illus.), Little Hare Books, Jul 2013.

Hurry Up Alfie, Anna Walker (author / illus.), Scholastic, Sep 2104.

First Day, Andrew Daddo (author), Jonathan Bentley (illus.), ABC Books, Dec 2013.

Starting School, Jane Godwin (author), Anna Walker (illus.), Penguin Viking Books, Aug 2013.

My First Day at School, Meredith Costain (author), Michelle Mackintosh (illus.), Windy Hollow Books, Oct 2013.

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Children with Anxiety

The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade, Davina Bell (author), Allison Colpoys (illus.), Scribe Publications, Mar 2015.

Being Agatha, Anna Pignataro (author / illus.), The Five Mile Press, Sep 2015.

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Making Friends

Molly and Mae, Danny Parker (author), Freya Blackwood (illus.), Little Hare Books, Oct 2016.

My Friend Ernest, Emma Allen (author), Hannah Sommerville (illus.), HarperCollinsPublishers, Feb 2016.

Twig, Aura Parker (author / illus.), Scholastic Australia, Nov 2016.

The Ballad of Henry Hoplingsea, Julia Hubery (author), Lucia Masciullo (illus.), Little Hare Books, Sep 2016.

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Wishing all school starters the very best of fun, success and luck for the new year! 🍀 📚 😘

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