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Fun Facts

Birthday: 1st May

Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa

Favourite Books: Ooh! Tough one! As a child, The Magic Faraway Tree and Harry Potter series. Now, can’t choose but definitely have a soft spot for Peggy by Anna Walker and Somewhere Else by Gus Gordon.

Favourite Authors: Based on answers above, Enid Blyton, JK Rowling, Anna Walker and many more!

Favourite Hobby: Reading(!), painting

What was I like as a child: Generally quiet with sporadic outbursts of impersonating TV characters

Pets: Past owner of two adorable dogs – Maltese x, Jazzy and Golden Retriever, Tully. More pets on the horizon soon!

Biggest Pet Peeve: Shocking spelling by adults, people who are totally unaware of those in close proximity

Leftie or Rightie: Leftie! But throw and catch with my right.

Most unusual thing about me: Hate anything mashed or smoked, don’t drink coffee or alcohol!

Achievements / Professional Development

Awarded Special Mention in the 2014 Kids’ Book Review Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Writing Competition

Attended the 2016 and 2017 Meet the Publishers KidLitVic Conference

Completing the Child Writes Picture Book course