Go Home, Cheeky Animals

2017 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards Winner Early Childhood Category

Go Home, Cheeky Animals, Johanna Bell (author), Dion Beasley (illus.), Allen & Unwin, May 2016.

I love the child-like energy in the whimsical pictures by disabled Indigenous illustrator Dion Beasley that accompany the satirical, first-person perspective written by Johanna Bell in Go Home, Cheeky Animals! (sequel to highly acclaimed ‘Too Many Cheeky Dogs ’). Arms are a-flapping when goats, donkeys, horses, buffaloes and camels invade the property at Canteen Creek, but the naughty canines simply stretch and go back to sleep. When the family have finally had enough, the lazy dogs come to the rescue and growl in their loudest, angriest voices, “GO HOME, CHEEKY ANIMALS!” And they do…or do they?

This author and illustrator combo marvellously bring a sense of familiarity, community and delight to a most inconvenient, yet comical situation based in the Northern Territory. Recommended to all lazy dog lovers out there.

The amazing story of the collaboration between the creators can be read here.

Allen & Unwin, May 2016.

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