Love your Books

I love the classics but I also love to seek out the latest books on the market. I write reviews not only to learn more myself about writing and illustrating for children, but also to inform the community on a range of wonderful books to share and accommodate to their particular needs.

My reviews have appeared in a range of literary publications and websites, including Boomerang Books, CBCA’s Reading Time Online, Junior Books + Publishing, Creative Kids Tales and Just Write For Kids Australia.

When reviewing I always try to consider the following: 

From a parent’s point of view – What will my child gain from this book?

From an educator’s point of view – What is its potential for learning?

From an author’s point of view – Does the audience understand and appreciate its depth?

From an illustrator’s point of view – Does the audience see and ‘feel’ emotion, warmth, detail, perspective?

In order to organise the reviews I have attempted to categorise them by age, as well as by theme. If there is a certain book, author or illustrator you are looking for please use the search function.


Find reviews by age group:

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Books are usually chosen for review by myself or the literary magazines and publishers I write for. Review requests will be considered, but not guaranteed, so feel free to send me an email and I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks and Happy Reading! 📚


Please Note: Reviews appearing on this site contain affiliate links. Only a small percentage of book purchases is received and go towards maintenance, craft and educational supplies and book giveaways. Thanks for your understanding! 😀