Spoil your Dads this Father’s Day

An absolutely fantastic collection of books have been released this year for Father’s Day! Books are just the perfect gift because you get to spoil that special someone on the day, and then continue to enjoy your quality time reading those books, snuggling and giggling, for all the rest of the year. Here are some great newbies to share.

imageHow I Love You, Daddy by Anna Pignataro

A sweet and gorgeously illustrated collection of adorable baby animals doing fun things with their role models; their daddies. A polar bear chasing Daddy in the snow, an elephant splashing Daddy and a high jumping bunny are just a few of the active little ones in the story. And the glorious, loving Daddy-time continues as they snuggle into bed. Not to be missed by toddlers and preschoolers, and their lucky daddies.

Scholastic Australia, August 2016.  

imageWild Pa by Claire Saxby and Connah Brecon

A lyrical adventure celebrating the wildest of personalities “in every grandad, pop and pa.” Highly entertaining and suitable for preschool aged children and the fun-loving men in their life.

Penguin Random House Australia, August 2016

imageWhere’s Dad Hiding? by Ed Allen and Anil Tortop

Brightly animated Australian-themed fun in this search for Baby Wombat’s missing dad. With a myriad animals, landscapes and playful opportunities to share with your own dad, it’s a preschooler’s delight.

Scholastic Australia, August 2016.  

imageI Spy Dad by Janeen Brian and Chantal Stewart

A little girl searches through a variety of dads, all with different interests and abilities, until she finds the perfect match. Rhythmically and visually delightful, children from age three will adore discovering what makes their own dad special.

New Frontier Publishing, August 2016.  

imageCounting on You by Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher

This gorgeous sequel to You Have My Heart’ is just as divine with its emotive range of new and familiar feelings that carry through the days. With its beautifully selected minimal colour palette and sensitive message of reassurance and comfort, young ones will be ‘counting on Dad’ for many more reads.

The Five Mile Press, August 2016.  

imageGrandpa’s Big Adventure by Paul Newman and Tom Jellett

Entertaining with plays on words and cracking jokes, this book is a hoot! Behind all the fun and lively illustrations is the heartwarming message of reassurance from a caring (and daring) Grandpa who is always there to support and teach his grandson new skills.

Penguin Random House, August 2016.  

imageGrandpa is Great by Laine Mitchell and Alison Edgson

This sweet rhyming story celebrates the greatness of grandpas with all the love, generosity, playfulness and gentleness they give to their grandchildren. Colourful and bold illustrations bring loads of energy as well as many heartwarming moments to share.

Scholastic Australia, August 2016.  

imageThis Girl That Girl by Charlotte Lance

Next-door neighbours, this girl and that girl, do things totally differently. Their resourceful, handy and helpful dads affectionately dedicate time with their daughters in designing and constructing something so completely individually, yet so surprisingly similar. Children from age four will be inspired to cherish and embrace all their own, and their dad’s, unique differences.

Allen & Unwin, June 2016.

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Happy Father’s Day! 😃 😘

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